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Pulverizing or Reclaiming is the process of grinding the road all the way down through the levels of asphalt or concrete that currently exist. Pulverizing itself is the grinding up, multiple times, of the road surface materials until they are in almost a heavy textured sand-type material.

Heavy equipment and specialized machines are required to grind up the road material and then many times the pulverized material is reused as either the base for a new road or it is sent to a reclaiming facility and utilized in other aspects of the asphalt process.

Through pulverization, Pavement Maintenance Inc. can turn your broken or badly cracked parking lot into a reusable bituminous aggregate base which gives added strength to your new asphalt construction. Stabilization can turn your wet or unstable ground into a rock hard cement-like base by using a unique process of lime, cement and water, pulverized and mixed with your existing ground. Both pulverization and stabilization methods drastically cut excavation and haul away costs.

Our Wisconsin asphalt company provides asphalt pulverization and stabilization and asphalt resurfacing for Southeastern Wisconsin and the metro Milwaukee area. For additional information, contact us by phone at 262.781.5957 or through our contact form.


Road Pulverizing
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